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First off, I'd like to welcome you to a little project that has won the hearts of many.  It's called the Barbie Challenge.  Where creatives such as myself are challenged to recreate real life situations with our beloved Barbies and capture moments.   

During the health pandemic of Covid 19 my business has come to a hault.  All creatives are non essential and we are stuck in our homes protecting our families and being safe. My studio has been empty for over a month when I came across this challenge with a fellow photographer based out of Saskatchewan and we both decided to jump on board to help keep our creative juices flowing!!

I welcome you to watch the love story of Barbie and Ken and their best friends (MY MOM'S BARBIES!) Alan and Midge as they stroll through some of the most important moments of their lives.   This really challenged me to capture EVERY DETAIL POSSIBLE, from the hand made flowers, signed marriage certificate, cans on the back of the old school corvette to the two additional dolls on the laptop during the ceremony who were practicing social distancing. (watch them, as their actions change in every photo)

I want to send a special thank you out to Steph from Wallflour Bake Shop who not only came through with the wedding cake, but the DETAIL IS AMAZING.  This chocolate layered cake (that's right I said LAYERED) with buttercream icing was divine... I should know, because I ate part of it!!!   Thank you so much for joining me on this little adventure and creating such a beautiful piece of art!!  - The link to her page is riiiight here!:


Please enjoy this gallery of over 200 images of the biggest wedding event of 2020!!  That's right 200 images!! I treated this wedding like any other of my clients and I am super proud of how they came out!! I mean, if I can pull off a wedding for the two biggest celebrities ever DURING a health pandemic, just think of what I can do you and your big day!!!

Love Love Love,


The Big Day

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