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The Innocence

Building Confidence and Creating Art
With Children and Teens

You. Are. Enough.

What is 'The Innocence Project'

I am looking for 50 participants ages 2 to 18 to create beautiful art, and to help build self esteem and boost their confidence.  


Growing up in this world is hard, and growing up during a pandemic is harder.   You miss out on so many life experiences and isolate from the world and you've lost yourself somewhere.  


I'm here to bring out your shine in one of our uniquely styled Child Fine Art Sessions.

I want to change the way children view themselves, I want to challenge the narrative that defines our society.

I want every child to experience themselves through my lens, to exist in photographs, and to truly love every step of their journey.


Pre-shoot consultation

This is for us to chat and get to know each other before your child's shoot, and to learn all the details you want to know about the process. I will answer any questions you might have with regards to your child's photo session.


In-studio Image Reveal

Before you leave the studio from your session you will see a sneak peak of the photos that were taken!   Here you will review the packages and choose images you'd consider.  About 2 weeks after your photo shoot, you’ll come back into the studio to view the retouched images and choose your package! Bring whoever you’d like to help you with this process, this part is lots of fun!


While there’s no obligation to purchase additional images, if you do wish to purchase more, you can apply $150 studio credit (as a gift from us!) towards any product or collection you like.


Wardrobe Selection and Styling

We have a vast selection in our collection of vintage clothing in a range of sizes.  Sometimes however, items you have in your child's closet can also be used.  We will take the time in our consultation to discuss my ideas of the session and if you should need to bring anything!

Share their story

Our stories have the power to lift and inspire others. As one of our chosen candidates you have the chance to share their story and be featured in our new fine art magazine.  

Their story and photos will also be shared at our Exhibition Open House to celebrate our new studio! (when the pandemic slows down and we are allowed to celebrate!)


1.5 hr studio photo shoot

There is no stiff, awkward poses or forced smiles here! I will guide your in poses flawlessly and showcase their innocence.

This session is for them!  So they may experience the fierceness I see through my lens.   They will leave their session full of confidence!


Your favourite image

You will receive a beautiful traditional 8x10 photographic print of your favourite image for participating in this campaign.

This experience is open to all children and teens from ages 4 to 18, available to attend both a photo shoot and an image reveal session at our studio in Otterville, Ontario before June 15, 2023!


Campaign price: $289*


About photographer Lainie Hanlon -

I’m a portrait photographer for families who want more than just a pretty picture.

My business started in 2008, however in 2019 I started my journey in Child Fine Art portraits.   I've travelled across the country, over seas and trained under several of the best portrait photographers in the industry.  After receiving my Masters Accreditation with The Portrait Masters and winning many awards for my sessions I thought I'd share my talent with the children and teens who need a boost in their confidence.

My child fine art portrait sessions are a journey into self-value that provide a life-changing experience of confidence in front of the camera and a lasting, gorgeous trophy of that feeling in the form of the best photographs your child has ever seen of themselves.



" Thank you so much for all that you do. I know you don't hear it enough, but what you did for  Ryleigh this year was bring her out of a place where she was sad, isolated and felt odd. You helped her to realize just how beautiful she is, not only on the outside but also on the inside. Our family is so blessed to have met you to capture moments in our life. 🙂" 





"Wow!!! You're so spectacularly talented.. best of all, as Peyton looks at these pictures, I can see her self-esteem rising by the second!  Thank you soo so much!" 


"Ella is at school today.  I got a message from her; 'mom can I have the link to the picture from the photoshoot with Lainie?"

I asked 'why?' as I didn't want her sharing it around to her friends.

She responded 'it's for technology class, we have to share something we think is beautiful.'

There is no bigger gift I can think of than that you made my 12 year old think she is the most beautiful and is exactly why I wanted to be apart of your innocence project.  With gratitude, Karen"

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