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Planning and Designing your session:

During your pre-session consultation you will have the opportunity to browse through many glamorous gowns and outfits from the studio wardrobe collection.  You will select your labourites and together, we will design 5 unique looks to give you a variety of styles during your photoshoot.

We will then look through a number of images to get a better understanding of what type of image resonates with you the most.  Maybe it's a Cover Girl look, or the classic Victorian portrait, or maybe even something sexy.

What's Next?

Getting ready and gathering the necessities.

After we have mapped initial ideas for your shoot and designed the character of your session, it is time to consider purchasing your own gown or selecting your favourite outfit to make your pohotographs extra special.  Or you may consider borrowing gowns from family and friends, shopping in vintage boutiques or using renttherunway.com to add a personalized touch to your portrait session.

What to Bring?

Styling Essentials:

- Nude strapless bra and matching nude thong (no show panties are preferred)

- Black strapless Bra and Matching Panty

- Spanx (only if it makes you feel more confident, otherwise not required)

- Any gowns, lingerie, or vintage items you may have to make your session unique. 

There is no need to bring shoes to your session.

Skin, Hair, Nails....

Please come to the studio the day of your session with your skin completely clean and free of all cosmetics.  Exfoliate your skin the morning of your shoot.  

Please do NOT tan or get a spray tan!  A few days before your shoot, please make sure you have your eyebrows groomed and any facial hair removed

Your hair should be clean and dry unless previously discussed in our consult. If you colour your hair,  please make sure any roots are touched up.

A simple mani/pedi with neatly trimmed nails and nude colour is ideal for your session as hands and very important to your images.  Please do not paint your nails in any bright colours as you will be Kindly asked to remove the colour during make up.

Please let us know if you have any skin or food allergies prior to your session or if you have any food restrictions