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30 OVER 30

Empow-HERment Boudoir Project

Be You.  Do You.  For You.



I’m looking for 30 women to join me in a project to show the wisdom, strength, beauty and resilience that is the gift of age.

I want to change the way women view themselves, I want to challenge the narrative that defines our cultural beauty standards.

30's, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond have never looked so good. We are too experienced not to be heard and too beautiful not to be celebrated.

I want every woman to experience herself through my lens, to exist in photographs, and to truly love every step of the journey.


Pre-shoot consultation

This is for us to chat and get to know each other before your shoot, and to learn all the details you want to know about the process. I will answer any questions you might have, and will ask you how you want to be seen, what your greatest hopes and fears are for this experience, and help give you guidance on selecting different outfits to bring to your photoshoot.


In-studio Image Reveal

About 2 weeks after your photo shoot, you’ll come back into the studio to view and choose your images. Bring whoever you’d like to help you with this process, this part is lots of fun! While there’s no obligation to purchase additional images, if you do wish to purchase more, you can apply $150 studio credit (as a gift from us!) towards any product or collection you like.


Professional hair & makeup styling

Show up on the day of your shoot fresh-faced, ready to relax and enjoy this pampering experience. This is NOT bad 80’s glamour makeup, this is about you feeling confident and being camera-ready. Our professional stylists use an easy visual guide so you can communicate the exact look you want and be 100% happy with the results. For more info, check out the FAQ’s. Make sure you plan to go out afterwards!

Share your story

Our stories have the power to lift and inspire others. As one of our chosen 30 over 30, you have the chance to share your story and be featured on our blog. We’ll send you a short questionnaire asking your views on things like confidence, ageing and motherhood, plus an opportunity to tell your own story (as much or as little as you like)

Your story and photos will also be shared at our Exhibition Open House to celebrate our new studio!


1.5 hr studio photo shoot

There is no stiff, awkward poses or forced smiles here! I will guide you in poses flawlessly and showcase all of your sexy assets.  You are invited to bring your own  lingerie to your shoot...but if you want to get even more vulnerable we can strip down to nothing more than a white sheet.

This session is for you!  So you may experience the fierce beauty I see through my lens.   You will leave your session full of confidence!


Your favourite image

You will receive a beautiful traditional 8x10 photographic print of your favourite image for participating in this campaign.

This experience is open to all women 30 and over, available to attend both a photo shoot and an image reveal session at our studio in Otterville, Ontario before June 15, 2022!


Campaign price: $289*


About photographer Lainie Hanlon -

I’m a portrait photographer for women who want more than just a pretty picture.

My boudoir portrait sessions are a journey into self-value that provide a life-changing experience of confidence in front of the camera and a lasting, gorgeous trophy of that feeling in the form of the best photographs you have ever seen of yourself.  

Re-awaken the ‘You’ you have put upon the shelf in favour of your work, your children or the call of ‘more important’ duties… The You that has become forgotten, lost or neglected. I will guide you gently into a space where you can let go of your fears, insecurities and your self-critical talk, where you can shed the false idea that you can’t look and feel beautiful, exactly as you are, today.

This is not forced, cheesy, stiff, awkward poses and fake smiles. T

This is a time to allow yourself to feel unapologetically beautiful, and to share that feeling with your daughter, your mother, girlfriends or partner - or - enjoy this experience all to yourself.

This is a chance to celebrate the relationships in your life, to truly honour where you’ve come from, who you are today and the people who’ve been there for you every step of the journey.

This is the time to embrace your own imperfect perfection, to see yourself in a new light, and re-connect to the woman inside who is finally ready to spread her wings.

Stop avoiding the camera, it’s time to exist in photographs. I invite you to book a session with me, it will change the way you see yourself.

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